• The Swedish flag has two colours: blue represents justice, loyalty and truth; and yellow represents generosity.
  • Sweden’s capital is Stockholm
  • Stockholm was the birthplace of chemist, engineer and inventor of dynamite, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, creator of the Nobel prizes.
  • Stockholm is called “the Venice of the North”. This is because it is built on 12 islands and has more than 40 bridges.
  • 9% of Sweden is made up of lakes. There are over 95,000!
  • Swedish people are good at taking care of the planet. In many places there are special containers to separate all kinds of waste such as garden products, coloured glass, cardboard, newspaper and magazines, plastics, metals and food.
  • The Stockholm metro is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe for its decor. It’s even used as an art gallery! Throughout the year it hosts a large number of exhibitions.

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